Behind every great company, is a true story. Who are we? Why did we build our business? And what makes us the best at what we do, today? Our journey has been anything but ordinary.

 Abitur – Humboldt Gymnasium Wiesbaden
 Master – Journalismus & Medienmanagement AMD Düsseldorf 
 Hugo Boss New York City – Public Relations & Marketing 
Cape Town Productions Südafrika – Produktionsmanager  
bis heute international freiberufliche Tätigkeit in den USA, Dubai, 
Südafrika und Europa als Moderator, Produzent und Sprecher tätig 
– Moderator und Sprecher der Industrie-und Handelskammer Deutschland  
- Schauspiel-Theater Institut Actors Connection NewYorkCity
– Coach und Trainer–Industrie-und Handelskammer Deutschland 
- Referenzen Moderation in TV, Radio, Events und Messe:
Viva TV – Planet Radio – Deutsche Bank – Opel – BMW – Hugo Boss – Cape Town Productions – Joop! - Dienst – Mercedes – Coca Cola – Red Bull – Generali Versicherungen – MTV – Dubai1 – Diesel – Granini – Porsche – Apple – Sony – Xbox – C&A – Radio Cape Town – NYC Fair – Fashion Week NY - uvm. 

Fashion Design
I am a designer for fashion, creative projects and brands. In my brand and collaborative projects I am working on the concept that fuses environmental art, indigenous cultural heritage and ethical fashion. I appreciate the planet we live, want to create awareness and sensation for environmental conservation and bring revitalisation of indigenous cultural heritage of different locations on earth by ethical fashion. Aim to ensure that we create a positive social and environmental impact in every step of design and production. Matthias Ophoff